Christmas in July Giveaway

Leave a comment what is your favourite Christmas movie?

Check out my giveaway post on Instagram. As part of the giveaway follow me on Instagram @rightbrainart and enter there for more chances to win.

Good luck!!!

68 thoughts on “Christmas in July Giveaway

  1. WOW! A giveaway wonderfully generous and sure to bring your lucky winner many days of merry crafting! Elf is one of my favourite Christmas movies, closely followed by the animated Rudolph. An oldie goodie!


  2. So generous of you to organize such a great giveaway!! My favorite Christmas movie is Home Alone. Thank you for the opportunity to win the goodies!


  3. My All Time Favorite Christmas Movie Without A Doubt is
    ‘ A Christmas Story ‘ , I can watch that any time of year lol its so funny ! 😂 #youllshootyoureyeout😂
    Thanks Bunches for your Generosity & Such An Amazing Opportunity ♡

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      1. I think I hit the like button but I’m not seeing a difference lol I’m not very familiar with Word Press 😂 💕💕💕💕💕😘


  4. My favourite christmas movie is Home Alone, the first one. I have sen it so many times when I was child and have watched it alas with my children.

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  5. Love your giveaway 😻🌹 My fav christmas movie most be “A christmas carol” love Ebenezer Scrooge.


  6. Does Nightmare Before Christmas count? Haha My favorite Christmas movie is probably Elf 😊💙


  7. I LOVE Christmas films but if I had to pick just one I think it’d be Miracle on 34th St, the 1994 version.

    (Or Elf…..)
    (Or Mrs Miracle)
    (Or The Santa Clause)
    (Or Paper Angels)

    Or basically any Hallmark Christmas film – CHEEEESE.

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  8. My favorite “movie ” is the cute and fun Walt Disneys.. every year at clock 15 pm.
    Great Giveaway , Thanks for the chance 👍

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  9. My father-in-law and I always use to watch White Christmas and Holiday Inn together . Today , is the 8th anniversary of his passing. He was such a great man.

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  10. Thanks for the great giveaway! I love Christmas movies, so it’s hard to pick a favorite. LOL One of my favorite Christmas movies is The Santa Clause, the first one.

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